That's Some Author Bio!

I've spent the last couple of days printing out seemingly endless copies of my manuscript and handing over my precious baby to the Chosen Few for feedback. No one prepared me for the thumping heart and sweaty palms that goes with it.

What if they think it's rubbish? What if - heaven forbid - it bores them? I've been pretty honest in it, have I been too honest?

When I'm not wondering what on earth I've done, letting other people actually read what I've written, I find myself pondering more pleasing aspects. Like who to dedicate the book to and why. The acknowledgements page. Who can I persuade to write the foreward? Oh and not forgetting more practical things like getting it published.... Then there's the author bio for the back cover - which bit of my personal history is interesting and relevant?

With all of these exciting thoughts racing around my brain, I was blown away by an author bio I read the other day:

The first and the last, Jesus is the Living One. He died but is now alive forevermore. He holds the keys of death and the grave.

First and last, living one, alive. And just in case you didn't grasp His defeat of death when He came back to life, Jesus emphasises that He holds the keys of death and the grave. Wow. But what else would you expect from the author of Life?

Regardless of what happens with my book, I love that when I die, death cannot hold me. I can't get trapped in the grave, in nothingness or worse. Nope. Jesus - the First and the Last, the Author of Life - holds the keys and He has already unlocked the door to heaven.

One day soon I will be the author of a book. And that's exciting. It really is. But even more exciting is that the Author of Life is friends with me and He pours His abundant life into me. I'm Jesus' Work in Progress. Every day He adds a few more sentences to this living book, never making a mistake, always able to rescue my character's waywardness, gradually revealing more and more of the Author's beauty in the writing.

Jesus - isn't He the Best?!

Mandy Baker Johnson is a self-employed medical secretary who enjoys blogging and is working on an autobiographical book about deliverance from darkness and being healed from cerebellar ataxia and ME/chronic fatigue. She is developing a heart for the poor and enjoys meeting people at her church's food bank and also volunteering with a Christian charity working with women in the sex industry.


  1. Great post, Mandy, highlighting THE greatest truth EVER in the WHOLE of life EVERYWHERE and FOREVER.

  2. Dorothy Courtis7 May 2015 at 09:05

    Yes! Helps get my perspective ... In perspective! Thanks, Mandy!

    1. Yes, it definitely put things in perspective doesn't it? x

  3. A bit different from the writer bio I was working on recently. Author, authority and "the author and perfecter of our faith" are worth meditating on. Thanks, Mandy.

    1. It really is mind blowing, isn't it? Thanks Sue x

  4. Looking forward to seeing this one in print!


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