Friday, 8 February 2019

I Don't Know what to Write! (A very tongue-in-cheek post)

Someone give me some inspiration!

It’s my turn to write the blog due for posting in the next few hours and I don’t know what to write. The pressure is on and I’m staring at a blank screen. I’ve never before experienced such writer’s block. Have you?

I’ve read the earlier blogs and was rather inspired by a short but sweet article about the power of the brain. Firstly, because I really enjoyed the article, secondly, I’m encouraged by the brevity – mine will be similar in length and thirdly the fact that I have a brain. Perhaps, despite not having time to put in the required research for a fascinating blog article, my brain will conjure up a masterpiece. So why isn’t it working?

I’m wondering if the problem could be due to an uneventful week? My mundane, run-of-the-mill family life surely can’t be inspiring. My daughter dislocated her knee and had to be blue-lighted to the hospital, blah, blah, blah! I discovered the Y5’s call me Mrs Salty Crackers behind my back in giggling whispers, yada, yada, yada. Who’s going to be interested in that? 

Maybe, I’ve just not had enough exciting life experiences. For instance, I’ve never been skiing or visited the Pyramids. Perhaps I should book a flight to Peru. I bet Michael Bond has been to Peru. Trouble is, I’ve got a family to look after. Not sure hubby is up to doing the school run. I know, I’ll take the dog out for a walk. Perhaps inspiration will strike me.

Nope. I’m back and apart from the Red Arrows shooting their spectacular Cupid’s arrows through Valentine hearts in the Lincolnshire skies, it was pretty uneventful. Picking up dog poo hardly warrants inspiration. Sigh! I really don’t know what I’m going to do. Perhaps I’m not up to this blog post writing lark? (Please don’t answer that. I’ll be very discouraged!!)

Possibly, the problem is due to the boring white background I’m staring at. I'll just change it to purple as it might fill me with creativity and abundant, extravagant originality. But, no, it’s not having the desired effect. Purple is not doing it and quite frankly, I’m not sure yellow would have much more impact.

Writer’s block. I know I’m trivialising it and I apologise if I’m offending anyone who really does suffer from this debilitating state. Don’t mind me, a beginner and unpublished, I’m just experimenting. Trying not to panic. Time is ticking and our blog Editor will be expecting an article… perhaps I should just write about not knowing what to write about.
Ha! Done!


  1. I found it most entertaining, particularly the bits you say wouldn't have been entertaining to write about! I beg to disagree!

  2. Ha ha. Very good, Nikki. I shan't waste time trying out the purple screen then!!

  3. Great!Really related to this. A great blog post, Nikki! x