Saturday, 28 April 2018

Who, or What Is Your Avatar? by Trevor Thorn

So this is me and my Avatar - prepared with a programme that gave no opportunity to introduce lines in the face nor a varied complexion! (At least, I found no provision for such changes). So my Avatar would almost certainly not be recognised by my real-life friends. And it is those, and far more radical differences in some people’s Avatars that gave rise to this poem.

When you get to the line about your parents, please recognise that is a question for everyone - not just  children and young people.

Who, or What Is Your Avatar?

Who, or what is your Avatar?
Does he, she or it bear your name
Or another: and whichever the case
Do you use it for many or just for one game?

Would your parents like meeting your Avatar?
Would they recognise you in the traits
Of the character you have so carefully built
To be ‘you’ in gaming forays?

Does your Avatar look at all like you?
Perhaps round the mouth or the eyes
Or have you formed a creature or person
With deceptively cunning disguise?

Is your Avatar weaker or stronger than you?
Does this other-self have mighty powers    
That you really desire to reflect in yourself,
But are only for internet hours?

Does your Avatar lead a clan or a guild?
Or follow when ordered or told
To fly, leap or jump from dizzying heights:
Is your Avatar always ‘The Bold’?

Does your Avatar kill whenever it can?
Or is mercy a part of the game,
With gentleness, thoughtfulness, love for another?
All so crucial in life’s real domain.

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