New Beginnings by Wendy H. Jones

Initially I thought writing a blog for Easter Day would be easy, but a lot more thought was needed than I envisaged. Although this is a Christian Blog it is also about writing. And falling on 1st of April, it is also April Fools Day. What a mixture. And yet it demonstrates the world we live in, where we all juggle commitments and wear so many different hats we barely know which one we are wearing. Modern day society can be confusing. 

To me Easter is a time of new beginnings on so many different levels. Firstly and foremost it is a time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus. It brings hope and shows love beyond anything we could possibly comprehend. As a Christian it signifies new life, a time of reflection and joy. Christ is Risen.

Coming early this year Easter is also the start of spring another time of new beginnings of fresh life and hope. Although, at the moment, nature is trying to cling onto winter like a petulant child. We've had flurries of snow this weekend in Scotland. Still, signs of new life can be seen as brave snowdrops and daffodils push their heads above the parapet. They signify summer is on its way.

So, on to writing. What does the 1st April bring for us as writers. I am sure this has not happened before but Easter Day and the start of Camp NaNo coincide. This, for the uninitiated, is a mini NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. Writers all over the world decide how many words they would like to write in April, then sharpen their pencils, fire up their computers and have at it. This helps with discipline and allows us to focus on writing. 

So, who's doing Camp NaNo? If you'd like to join me in the Wendy H. Jones Writing Cabin then let me know your NaNo name in the comments. We can jolly each other along. 

I wish you all a blessed and joyous Easter and for those doing Camp NaNo may your imaginations sore and your writing be fast. Whatever you are doing enjoy the day, and know it is a new beginning on many different levels. 

About the Author

Wendy H Jones is the Amazon Number 1 best-selling author of the award winning DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries. Her Young Adult Mystery, The Dagger’s Curse was a finalist in the Woman Alive Readers Choice Award. She is also The President of the Scottish Association of Writers, an international public speaker, and runs conferences and workshops on writing, motivation and marketing. Wendy is the founder of Crime at the Castle, Scotland’s newest Crime Festival. She has edited a Lent Book, published by the Association of Christian Writers


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