Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A Gift From Dusty Houses

“It’s your fault I’m not getting any housework done!”
That’s what someone said to me yesterday. She’d heard me speak at a meeting and, as we chatted afterwards, informed me of my part in her not getting the duster out.
The blame, apparently, lies in the fact that reading my books is more enjoyable than housework. And, since she bought two more yesterday, the housework-less state of her house looks set to continue.
“Oh, I’m sorry!” is what I jokingly said in response. 
Am I really sorry?  Not a bit.
Christmas may be over a month away, but that lady gave me an early Christmas present yesterday.
She reads my books: What a gift to me.
To be honest, I sometimes forget that people do read what I write.
And then someone reminds me.
Like the person who recently told me she’d gone into a shop, looking for a book to read.  She’d considered mine, discounted it, and then something drew her back.  She bought it and, in her words, ‘once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down’.
What a gift to me.
As is all feedback I receive.
“I read your book.”
What a gift to me.
You may be wondering why I’m telling you this. 
Well, the feedback I mention above is not something I receive every day. 
I do forget that, out there somewhere, people are reading what I write.
Even enjoying it.
I’m taken by surprise (in a good way!).
And I just wondered if maybe I’m not alone in my forgetfulness?
So I thought I’d use my slot on the blog this month to encourage us to keep going in our writing.  Whatever our writing may be. 
I’m thrilled when people enjoy my books.
What a gift to me.
I’m thrilled when my sister enjoys a silly poem I wrote for her.
What a gift to me.
I’m thrilled when a child asks me to show them how to write ‘cat’.
What a gift to me.
I came across this quote:
Image result for why write

The quote struck me, because it’s not true for me.
I write because I like to communicate.
I write because I like words.
I write to write.
“I read your book.”
I write because I like being blamed for dusty houses.
What a gift to me.

*If you'd like to risk a dusty house, please feel free to take a look at my books: here.
One is my memoir and the others are devotional books.*


  1. Lovely post. So true - this is the best gift a writer can receive. And I really like the title of your post! Emily, can you put a resume at the bottom of your post please? I'd love to see what you've written!

    1. Thank you, Deborah. I've added a link at the bottom of the blog; I appreciate your prompt to do so!