Sunday, 28 May 2017

Blogging can lead into interesting places! by Trevor Thorn

This will be a shorter post than those I have recently contributed to the ACW site because the attached video clip illustrates what I want to say very well. Several of my recent posts have encouraged the idea of finding a ’niche’ in the blogosphere. Mine is ‘Faith and Science’’ and demonstrates how effective this can be.
This 2 - 3 minute clip from ‘That’s Cambridge TV’ arises almost directly from my regular blogging on this topic. It was taken at a celebratory day in Ely Cathedral last week when nine church primary schools, who had been encouraged to write songs on this very relevant topic presented them to be added to the collection I have built up over time.
It was a delightful day, and if you watch the clip, you will catch something of the sheer exuberance that the children (320 of them) brought to the day.
If you know any church leaders, RE/ Singing teachers or local church members going into help with school assemblies this might be of interest to them - and I’d be very grateful for the word to get around of what is afoot in Ely as widely as possible.
Other songs in the collection can be found in the Assembly Friendly collection of my blog at

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