The Prayer and Poem of a Weary Writer

Lord, hear the prayer of this weary writer,
For I know you make the burden lighter.
Help me not to dwell on failure,
But to give praise to you, my Saviour.

When social media, emails and diary planning overwhelm me,
Show me how to switch off, close the pages and see -

It's so busy Lord and I long for quiet, a place to hide;
You are the vine and I am the branch, in You I abide.
Let me soak up the nutrients found in Your Word,
Help me to grow, so I can tell others all that I've heard -
From You.

Let me retreat to a desolate place to pray,
Uttering words and thoughts or whatever else I feel I have to say.
For I know that You incline Your ear to my cry,
As I weep, as I think, as I groan, as I sigh.

This weary writer knows that my strength comes from You,
Your life-giving words are faithful and true.
When everything gets busy and I need a break,
I remember the communion word as the bread itself 'breaks': Take...

...Eat. This is my body. Lord you gave Your very life,
So I know that I can take a moment away from the strife.
To be with you is all I need - now I remember to take, to recall,
Knowing Your love has freed me from the weariness of it all.

Ruth Clemence is a writer, blogger and youth work trainee living in South West England. She has written for several publications including Devon Life, Exeter Life, The Baptist Times and The War Cry. When she is not writing, she reads, helps at youth groups, enjoys quality time with her husband Joel and spends way too much time on Twitter.  


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