Friday, 21 October 2016

He knows the desires of our Ruth Johnson

Not the one purchased,  maybe in a year or two! 

It shall also come to pass 
that before they call, 
I will answer; 
and while they are still speaking, 
I will hear.”      Isaiah 65:24 

The Lord is always with us on our life journey, and in these days many of God’s people have a sense of expectancy.  It comes with the belief He’s not just in control, but in the background is preparing for us to know and experience Him in ways we’ve not yet known.   

Our personal journey continues, the crossroads are past, the way ahead is going beyond the trees (earlier crossroad picture) into sunlight.  I sense a hill to climb, nothing too strenuous, but it will give us a view, perspective and understanding of what lies ahead in this next phase of our lives.  Like me, many reading this will have unfulfilled desires and are still waiting on God's promises to be activated. But as our heavenly Father loves to bless us he can do so before we call. 
Our friends of forty years announced they were moving from Yorkshire to Bristol near where we live.  Their house build was delayed several times, and then I received an email on Saturday to say they’d finally received the keys, would be there on Sunday, and if we were passing on our way back from church to call in. We decided to do that, but after the service I realized I should take them a house warming present.  

I thought flowers, but they were off to Spain in three days. Chocolates, they were careful what they ate.  Sparkling wine, they’d no glasses, everything was in store until the next day.   Then, it came to me, a plant for their garden.  Local stores would only have house plants.  Was there a nearby nursery?  Google said, 'Yes, on route'.  I’m not a gardener, but thought of a fuchsia, but to survive the winter it would have to be a decent size and hardy.  Nursery’s can be expensive, most good size plants were £10.00 plus.  I only wanted to spend £5, but they were good friends! I couldn’t find any fuchsias, wandered around trying to decide what to buy.  In a corner I spotted half a dozen 3 ft tall fuchsias, not bushes, but with  two very sturdy branches. They were marked £10.99, but as they were what I wanted I maneuvered one pot out from the other five.  It was then I saw the price had been slashed to £5.00.  I was so thrilled, not just finding the plant I wanted and at the right price, but that my heavenly Father had so wonderfully fulfilled my unspoken desire.

When my heavenly Father shows His love by blessing my thoughts, how much more will He do when we ask in His name. I believe He is working to bring His promises to birth, and fulfill our hopes and desires. For me it is that my books will reveal His love and touch and change many lives.  

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  1. Bravo Ruth, an inspirational story indeed; God really is in control, we could change the world with our testimonies of grace.
    Many years ago I brought a pair of navy blue sandels from a CHARITY SHOP, they were so comfy and just the colour I wanted. A few weeks later I was thinking to myself if only I could have a pair of exactly the same sanders in a beige colour, but thought it's impossible as I brought the navy ones from a charity shop. As I was in town I popped into the same charity shop and guess what, yes there were a pair of exactly the same sandels never worn in the beige colour I wanted...#supernatural