Thursday, 19 November 2015

ACW Book Party

As this is the blog for the Association of Christian Writers we have produced a lot of books between us. As Christmas is coming several blogs will be dedicated to the books which members have written. This should help with the book buying this Christmas. There is something for everyone in here. To make it easier I have broken them down into categories. The photograph above is just a few of those I already have at home. 

Children and YA

 The Village by Eleanor Watkins -  An evocative book looking at the effects of the plague, as seen through the eyes of three children. 

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Losing Face by Annie Try - A teenager comes to terms with disfigurement through talking to her friend via email. A story of hope and overcoming tragedy. 

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Tales from the Jesse Tree by Amy Robinson - 25 Bible stories for Advent. Includes downloadable videos.

Buy from: Kevin Mayhew

David and The Never-Ending Kingdom by Fiona Veitch Smith - The young David goes forward in time to witness the new born King

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Destiny's Rebel by Philip S. Davies - Kat, an Anestrian Princess flees from her destiny as queen. This leads to an adventure which no one could imagine. 

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Christian Fiction 

The Long and the Short of it by Anne-Marie Miles - a collection of stories put together with a range of readers in mind

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Dear Bob by Annie Porthouse - A Christian novel about a girl struggling with faith at university

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The Labyrinth Year by Mari Howard - in this sequel to Baby Baby Max and Jenny struggle with the pressures of work and family life

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Refuge by Anne Booth - A retelling of the Christmas Story

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A Right to Know by Sam Lenton - Devastated by the news of his wife’s death, Daniel Farndon is convinced that the crash that killed her was no accident

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This is kust a selection and the next blog recommending more fabulous books will be out on 1st DecemberDecember


  1. Great idea, Wendy - thank you.

  2. Thank you so much. As 'Refuge' is a picture book I wonder if it could be listed with children's? Having said that was told yesterday a pensioners' prayer group used it as a meditation!

    1. Anne, I am sorry it is in the wrong category. I will change to make it clear which category it is in but can't change to add to the children's category. When you start moving images in a blog like this it causes havoc.

  3. Wonderful eclectic list. Books are a great idea for Christmas gifts if you know the reading tastes of your gift recipient. And it feels great when the person for whom you've chosen a book lights up with delight that you so well understand their taste. Of course it can work the other way ... but it's worth the risk, and may introduce someone to a new genre which could prove fruitful for all!

  4. Thanks so much - a really great idea, especially at this time of year!
    The link next to my novel, Dear Bob, doesn't work.
    If there's any chance you could edit it so it uses this link, that would be awesome!