Friday, 29 January 2016

Procrastination by Fiona Lloyd

I wanted to write something profound about how often I'm intimidated by a blank page...but if I'm honest, sometimes that's just an excuse!

So, here's a poem about procrastination: a subject in which I am something of an expert. (Apologies to those of you who've heard this before.) If you happened to be at Scargill last September for the writers' weekend, feel free to sing along.

Altogether now:

I’m full of good intentions
As I settle to my task.
One thousand words by dinner-time –
Is that too much to ask?
A blank page is quite scary
When you’re starting something new;
The first line’s always hardest so
I’ll pause and think it through.

Now, checking up on Facebook
Is legitimate - it’s true!
I’m networking, not putting off
The work I’d planned to do.
I’d better check the emails
As you never know what’s there.
If I don’t answer straight away
It seems like I don’t care.

I’ll have a cup of coffee –
That’ll get me on the go:
An extra hit of caffeine and
The words will surely flow.
That cheesecake looks inviting –
It won’t harm to have a snack;
And building up my energy
Should get my focus back.

I know it’s only August
But there’s Christmas stuff on-line.
Those pink and fluffy slipper-socks
Will suit my mum just fine.
Today has gone so quickly
And I’m feeling somewhat fraught.
I’ve done three lines (with two crossed out):
It’s progress – of a sort!

Fiona Lloyd works part-time as a music teacher, and serves on the worship leading team at her local church. She enjoys writing short stories, and is working on her first novel. Fiona self-published a violin tutor book in 2013, and blogs at She is married with three grown-up children. Fiona is ACW's membership secretary.


  1. Brilliant Fiona! Thank you for making me smile (and squirm) x

    1. Thanks, Mandy - hope you're not squirming too much! xx

  2. Fantastic! And now I must - I really must - get back to writing.

  3. Brilliant. I shall be writing just after I've repotted seventeen aloe vera plants. Oh, wait, I need to go and buy some compost. After that, I'll be writing. After the school run.

    1. Ooh, aloe vera plants - must add those to my list of procrastination techniques. xx

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  5. You speak for us all, Fiona. I've just spent the day doing housework and packing for the weekend. The trouble is a lot of these things really do need to be done some time or later.

    1. That's true - although I think I need to get better at distinguishing between the jobs that are really essential, and those which are just avoidance techniques.

  6. Presumably to the tune of 'The Gas Man Cometh'... fades into the distance singing 'Oh! it all makes work for the working man to do...'

    1. I haven't tried it to that tune, but I'm willing to give it a go!

  7. "Groan": my life forced procrastination upon me this week - endless stuff, all necessary, I kid you not ... is a USA friend visiting and a sick cat enough excuse? ! :-)

    1. At least your excuses are valid - sorry you've had a frustrating week.

  8. Truly brilliant Fiona. I am just wondering how you managed to describe my life so brilliantly.

  9. I admit it, Wendy - I've been spying on you. xx

  10. Hah! Doesn't it cheer you up that we all feel exactly the same?! Lovely post Fiona :)